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Still Here, Still Writing, Are You?

For the past few months, every time I sit down to write a blog post, this hip-hop beat from Eric B. & Rakim comes to mind:

“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you without a strong rhyme to step to…”

But instead of strong rhyme, I change up the lyrics in my head to “…without a few words to keep you writing.”

Yeah, I know, I know, it messes up the whole song…

It’s true though, it’s been a long time since I’ve reached out, but I’m still here and in the business of helping get books started and finished.

When the pandemic hit, I stepped back from coaching and editing to focus on my book project. Like almost everyone else, my priorities changed while I was stuck inside in 2020 and into 2021. There was time to surf the web endlessly and reflect on what really mattered.

But eventually, as I got used to life not being normal, I got back to my goal of writing and publishing my book! Although I’ve written several e-books and guides over the course of my writing career, this was my first hard copy book that’s available on Amazon. It’s under a pen name (long but not that long story…email me back for the details if you want).

And yes, even though I’m a writer, it was still hard work. There were days I doubted myself, couldn’t figure out where to go next in the story or just wasn’t feeling what I wrote. But I kept writing, kept self editing, found an editor and hired a proofreader. Oh, and then there was the graphic editor who did a phenomenal job with the cover and the typesetting. I put it out in the world and it’s still selling!

There were so many lessons learned that I would be happy to share. If you’re still around, please respond back and let me know how your book project is coming along. By now I hope it’s finished, but if you’re still thinking about it, that’s okay too.

If you have any burning questions about the writing, editing or publishing process that I can answer for zero cost but just as a way to reconnect, click here to set up a time.

P.S. Go on over to for more details about the book. Leave your email address so I know you were there. Don’t worry, I don’t send too many emails from the author’s site either.

Alicia N. Ingram is a passionate, hard-nosed book editor and writing coach who believes well-told stories can transform hearts and minds. This belief fuels her work to help aspiring authors start AND finish writing high quality books. For more information, visit


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