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2 Truths and a Lie

I touched up the photo a bit too...

Okay, let’s get the lie out of the way:

That picture perfect headshot of me that says I’m uber confident, self-assured and always in charge isn’t entirely accurate.

There are times when I’m not always as confident or self assured as it looks in my picture. I’m the biggest critic of my own writing. When I’m uncertain about exactly how to do something, I can find so many less important tasks to complete. I can be harder on myself than I am on others. But fortunately, without compromising quality, I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and tell the truth to others.

Here’s a bit more about your future editor:

Truth #1: I’m passionate about writing, editing AND traveling.

I love traveling as much as I love writing and editing. So I do all three. Along with writing and editing books, I also work a flight attendant. So, with so much going on, where do I find the time, focus and energy to get everything done?

I don’t.

Instead, I prioritize what’s important and delegate what’s not.

With a demanding schedule, I’m constantly learning new, creative techniques to conquer procrastination, maximize productivity and develop laser focus within seconds. That’s why you’ll find me writing and editing in airports between flights, on layovers and in middle seats on a plane. I teach my clients next-level time mastery techniques to help them start AND finish their books.

Truth #2: I don’t like sharing my personal business. I can talk all day about what I do and what I know. I’m a great listener. But it’s important that you know who I am, what I believe and why. If I tell you my mistakes, and failures you might judge me. But I do it anyways. Because, when you’re writing a book, you’re putting yourself out there as well. I know it’s scary, but necessary. Like your first draft, it won’t be perfect. But best selling books reveal the good, the bad and sometimes the embarrassing stuff.

That what makes for compelling, powerful content that connects with readers.

Okay, your turn: what are two truths and a lie about the book you’ve been meaning to write?

Bonus: Oh, and I can’t keep plants alive past four mouths.

Alicia N. Ingram is a ghostwriter and book editor that helps aspiring authors start AND finish their books. She is also the author of "Finally Get Your Book Done: A 5-Step Guide for Finding the Time, Focus and Consistency" To request a free copy, go to

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