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5 Ways To Know If You're Ready To Write A Book (And What To Do Next)

I believe everyone has a story to tell that can benefit others. But, I know that some people will live and die with a book still inside of them. Never-to-be authors allow doubts, fears and uncertainty to hold them back.

But aspiring authors are different.

Yes, they still may have doubts and fears, but that doesn't stop them from thinking about writing a book. Instead, they strive to overcome such limitations because they know they have interesting and important information to share. They are willing and ready to adopt an author's mindset.

So, which one are you? And how do you know if you're really ready to write a book?

Here are 5 different ways to know and what to do next:

1. You've been thinking about it for quite some time. If the idea to write a book has been on your mind with greater frequency and a topic of conversation on several occasions. This is a strong indication that there's a book inside of you that's waiting to be get out.

Idea to Action Step: Will You Write Your Book? Hint: Don't accept 'I don't know as an answer'.

2. You're uncertain about the time and steps involved. Uncertainty is a strong be starting point because it provides not only the opportunity to ask questions but also the opportunity to get answers! With a bit of research and conversations, you can find out about the time involved, the writing process, the publishing process, etc. and other important information you'll need to know to start and finish your book.

Idea To Action Step: Write out your top 5 questions.

3. You're actively jotting notes on a particular topic in either in a journal or on a laptop. Often when you have a wealth of information in your head, writing notes tends to help free up mental space. If you're find yourself doing this frequently about the same topic(s), chances are a book is at the front rather than back of your mind.

Action to Move Forward: List the topic (s) that you frequently write and/or talk about with others.

4. Your presentations, workshops, speeches are getting longer and longer. They often run over the allotted time. Experienced professionals tend to have a wealth of knowledge to share with others. Often, such knowledge and experience takes time to teach. Event formats such as workshops and classes have limited reach as far as number of people. Deep diving into topics when you have an expansive amount of information to cover. Books allow for a more robust format and can also serve as a tangible item that can be passed along to others or referenced repeatedly.

Action to Move Forward: List the top 3 things people always want to know more about.

5. You've clicked on this link. The twist to this post is that "being ready" really has nothing to do whether you'll write your book or not. There's never a perfect time to write a book. It's up to you to decide if you're ready by making a decision to do it or not. Many authors who've become authors weren't ready when they wrote their first book and neither where they really ready when they wrote their second or third book. But despite not having all the answers, they moved from indecision, to decisiveness and most importantly action.

If you've completed the action items in this article, here's one more before we talk:

Download and review "The 5 Steps To Finally Get Your Book Done" It's a free guide available at to help you find the time, clarity and focus to start and finish writing your book.

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