Welcome and thanks for visiting my site. 

Here's a bit about me and why I'm committed to helping you start AND finish your book:


Since I was a kid, I've loved reading all kinds of books. From fiction and self-help books to psychology and romance -- you name it, I read it. 


So it’s not surprising that as I grew older, I enjoyed writing as well. It came naturally. Over the years, I've refined my writing skills as a published poet, journalist, technical writer and corporate communications specialist.


As a longtime marketing consultant, I helped executives launch their products and services. Together, we developed compelling messages that resonated with their target audiences. 


Often, once we finished the sales copy or speech, there was more information to share. It wasn’t just about a product or service, we were telling a story about the vision, the experiences and personal values that sparked such endeavors.  


There was a book just waiting to be written… 


Merging my passion for carefully crafted stories with the ability to creatively organize and package large amounts of information, I began writing and editing books. As a creative soul and skilled wordsmith, my joy is helping you inform, empower and inspire others with words.

You have a story to share with the world. Let's get it done and done well!