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Welcome and thanks for visiting my site. 

Here's a bit of information about who I am and why I'm committed to helping you start AND finish your book:


Since I was a kid, I've loved reading. From fiction and self-help books, to psychology and romance -- you name it, I read it! Great books excited, inspired and motivated me to excel.


So it’s not surprising that as I grew older, I enjoyed writing too. It came naturally. Over the years, I refined my writing skills as a published poet, journalist, technical writer and corporate communications specialist.


During my career as strategic marketing professional, I collaborated closely with corporate and non-profit executives to launch a wide variety of leadership initiatives. Together, we developed compelling messages to inform and empower target audiences. This often included proposals, website copy, bios, speeches, brochures, press releases and more.


But despite our great work and long after the campaign ended, there was so much more my clients needed to share with the world. It wasn’t just about a product or service, there was a story behind the vision, the experiences and personal values that sparked such endeavors. There remained a desire to motivate, inspire and teach others. 


There was a book inside of them just waiting to be written...


As someone who understood the power of books, I shared their commitment to tell powerful stories and effectively pass on valuable lessons to others.


As experienced writer, author and implementation strategist, I also knew how to help them navigate the book writing process with less stress and confusion.


That's why today, I help aspiring authors get their books out of their heads and into the world as a trusted writing coach and editor. 


When you're ready, I'm here to help you with your book. Together, we'll get it done, and we'll get it done well. 


You have a story to share with the world. Let's get it done and done well!

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