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About That Book You've Been Meaning To Write....

  • You have a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom that you know without a doubt can help others get to the next level...

  • Plus, you've been thinking about doing a book for quite a while, yet have been struggling to find the time, focus and consistency 


  • Now, you're ready to make the investment in the support, resources and guidance to help you navigate the book development and writing process so that you finally get your book done and get it done well.


Get Your Book Done

The Get Your Book Done is an intensive, customized program for seasoned entrepreneurs and high performance professionals who are committed to crafting a high quality book within six months.  

This programs is designed to provide you with the necessary content development support, writing accountability and editing services so that you start AND finish a book manuscript that:

  • Enhances your credibility as thought leader and showcases your industry expertise.


  • Broadens your reach to people who have yet to meet you personally, but now want to do business with you.


  • Creates an authentic emotional connection with readers so that they know, like and trust you.

Less Time, Less Stress and Greater Focus: Our Approach 


Get Your Book Done helps you navigate the book development and writing process in four steps with expert guidance along each step of the way:

Step I: Getting Committed & Clear - Tapping into the highest level of clarity comes from knowing what you're doing and why. We'll beginning by digging deeper to define your personal and professional motivations, desires and ultimate outcomes. We'll also get crystal clear on not just what you're talking about in your book, but who you're really talking to and then developing a strategy that positions your content to capture and keep their attention. 

Step 2: Getting Organized - During this phase, we'll conducted structured brain dump sessions. During these sessions we will inventory your knowledge and experiences into a book content structure aligns with your identified business and/or branding goals. Only then will we develop a detailed book content outline that will serve as your writing roadmap so that you're never stuck on what to write. 

Phase 3: Writing Well (Consistently)  - If you're an OK writer or consider yourself to be a non-writer, your skills will improve chapter by chapter. You'll learn to eliminate mental blocks so that you can write with new levels of clarity, speed and ease. With your thoughts clear and your book outlined in during step 2, writing coaching and accountability support allows you to focus on techniques and hacks to instantly improve your writing. Plus, serving as your writing coach and editor, you'll always have the necessary editing support to guarantee your entire manuscript is coherent and compelling. 

Phase 4: Getting Feedback to Refine  -  Aspiring authors mistakenly assume that writing a book happens in a vacuum. The best books have editing teams comprised of an editor and beta readers to provide feedback, encouragement and motivation. We'll create and activate this team before publication to ensure your manuscript resonates with the intended audience

Your investment includes...

  • 15 weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one (60 - 90 minute) coaching sessions and assignments to guide you in developing ideas, structuring and writing your content. 

  • 2 rounds of review, ghostwriting (up to 30,000 words) and editing services of manuscripts (up to 75,000 words).

  • Access and guidance on using proprietary tools, templates and resources designed to effortlessly help you think through your writing topic, inventory knowledge, and structure your book content, develop a custom writing.

  • Ongoing email and text support

  • Access to network of published authors for feedback and insights on the publishing process.

Only If You're Ready...

Click here to schedule a Get Your Book Done strategy session to discuss further if you're a fit for this program. 


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