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Will A Self-Published Book Sell?

It’s a question many business-minded writers wonder as they’re thinking about writing a non-fiction book and deciding which publishing route to pursue:

Should I find a publisher or just do it myself?

Understandably, a number of entrepreneurs wanting to be authors explore the possibility of landing a lucrative deal from the likes of Random House or Harper Collins to get their books out into the world. They believe that their brand, knowledge and experience is the stuff of bestsellers. Going with a traditional publisher means having the backing of a well-oiled marketing machine that makes a difference. Experts only become reknowned with the help of experienced professionals that specialize in positioning and packaging books.

And then on the other side of the coin, there are those who see the value of the self-publishing. Depending on the right marketing mix such as back of the room sales and book signing events, self publishing can be viable stream of income. While keeping all of the profits, a book enhances credibility. Securing speaking gigs and new client leads are easier when you have book. It’s your printed platform.

If you’re a consultant or coach exploring these options, the real answer is this:

Neither matters if you haven’t written a single thing.

You’re asking the wrong question and as the timeless adage states “putting the cart before the horse”.

Focus instead on creating quality content. Content that is clear, concise, relevant and practical.

Create a solid outline and then a first draft.

Having something meaningful to say fuels sustained sales.

Rather than wondering if your book will sell, ask yourself this instead:

Will my book be a game-changing one?

If you're ready to focus on developing quality content, click here to find out more about getting your book outline done for free.

About Alicia N. Ingram

I'm an hard-nosed, yet patient book editor and ghostwriter who's passionate about helping aspiring authors start AND finish their books. If you're serious about crafting a well-written book and are readying to go from idea to action, feel free to email me by clicking here to schedule a complimentary Get Your Book Done strategy session.

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