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Here's What A First Draft Looks Like

I’m staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what I want to say in this blog post about writing.

And I have no idea. I think if I keep writing, it will come to me.

Note to self: Make a file called Writer’s Block Solutions

This is what happens sometimes when you start writing. The words don’t flow. I don’t have an outline for this blog post. Fortunately, it’s not a book so I don’t need one.

What I do need however at this moment is an editor.

Where’s my Alicia to bounce ideas off of and get unstuck? Creating content is better when I have a partner. Someone to talk to other than the voices in my head.

The timer I just set says ten more minutes. I can’t browse the internet since there’s not any internet access on the plane.

So, I have to keep writing what’s in my head. Keep my fingers moving and chalk this up to a prose. There will not be a second draft of this post. I’m hesitant to even post it because it illuminates by insecurities and imperfections that we all experience.

Hopefully someone can relate. I hope my past, current and future clients can relate. Know that when you want to write something profound and prolific is doesn’t always happen.

You get less than stellar. If you’re lucky, you get half way decent.

Not so lucky, the first draft is pure, uncensored garbage.

The kind that you’re likely embarrassed to post. There’s probably typos galore.

How can a writer who writes about writing publish something with typos.

I’m proving a point here that’s not about getting it right. More like getting it done. I can also

First drafts without outlines are messing. Quite choppy. Sometimes filled with run ones, fragments and other grammatical no-nos.

But you know what, it’s a first draft. I get better with revision and rewriting. Maybe I’ll revisit and rewrite as an example of what a second draft could be with my own editing and with an editor’s eye.

Damn, the clock says five more minutes to go. I want to look around, go to the bathroom. I want to do anything at the moment but right. I spelled write wrong and I’m going to leave it. This is what a first draft, unedited, uncensored looks like.

It sucks, but it’s a start.

Three more long a@! minutes to go. What babble can I possibly talk about in three more minutes. Maybe advice to aspiring writers who want to try this exercise.

Keep writing. Put the first thoughts that come to your head out of your head. Put them on paper. Don’t be concerned with grammar or even what others will think. Get your fingers comfortable with staying on the keys. Let it pour out of you.

It may suck. But that’s what

But do what I say and not as I do.

Don’t hit the publish button until you’ve edited.

Unless you’re trying to showcase what a hot, nonsensical mess of a first draft can be.

Argh. Ten more seconds!


Alicia N. Ingram is a ghostwriter and book editor that helps aspiring authors start and finish their books. To receive more free information, inspiration and "The 5 Tips For Finally Getting Your Book Done" checklist, click here to sign up for the mailing list..

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