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The Reason Why I'm Here

I was put on this earth to be a reflection of God - His beauty, His magic, His strength and His grace.

To not just survive, but to thrive.

I was put on this earth to love, wholeheartedly, authentically, deeply and passionately.

I was put on this earth to listen and in that process, help others gain clarity, insight and deeper connections to truths previously unknown or that were simply hidden from view.

My purpose and passion is to transform thoughts and good ideas, into powerful words that inspire action.

I was put on this earth so that the book you've been meaning to write exists in the world and not just in your head.

That's why I've just launched my new "Get Your Book Done" program to help aspiring authors start AND finish their book.

Together, we'll get it done and get it done well.

Send me a DM via Facebook to receive more information.

Alicia N. Ingram is a ghostwriter and book editor that helps aspiring authors start and finish their books. To receive more free information, inspiration and "The 5 Tips For Finally Getting Your Book Done" checklist, click here to sign up for the mailing list.

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