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Get Your Book Done in 6 Months

Get Your Book Done in 6 months is an intensive, customized program designed to help you start AND finish your book within six months. Working with you each step of the way, the process provides the necessary consulting support, accountability and editing services so that you complete a finished manuscript that's ready for publication.

The four-step process will help you:

  • Clarify - Get clear and specific on your topic and target audience

  • Organize - Develop a detailed table of contents

  • Write - Get the information out of your head and on paper for feedback and editing

  • Refine for Readers - Make sure your manuscript resonates with your intended audience.

Click here to schedule a Get Your Book Done strategy session to discuss further.

New!   Get Your Book Done - DIY Jumpstart Kit New! 

Get Your Book Done Jumpstart Kit provides you with support to move you from thinking about writing a book, to actually writing it. For DIY authors on a limited budget, the kit provides you with tools, templates and resources to help you do the following:


  • get crystal clear on your book topic and content

  • create a detailed book outline and writing roadmap

  • instantly improve your writing with a list of tips & tricks 

  • effectively edit and revise your draft manuscript


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Polish Your Publication Editing Services

You've written your book and are almost ready to share it far and wide. But, is it any good? Will anyone want to read it? Will they enjoy it? As you near the final phase of the book writing process, I can provide you with a thorough writer's critique to make sure your content will resonate with your readers before it goes to print.


Click here for more information about Standard and Premium PYP packages. 


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