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Roadmap To Writing Your Book Bootcamp 

The Roadmap to Writing Your Book Bootcamp is an intensive 4-week jumpstart program to move your book project from an idea to reality. It is designed to provide you with the skills and know how to start and finish writing your book. This jumpstart program will provide you with tools, information and exercises to get you on the path of writing your book with purpose, clarity and consistency. The program is designed to move your book from an idea to reality.  


During the bootcamp, you'll:

  • Get crystal clear on your book topic and content

  • Create a detailed book content outline and writing roadmap

  • Learn writing & editing techniques to instantly improve your writing

  • Set up a customized writing schedule and accountability structure to complete your manuscript within a specific time frame.


The bootcamp program will consists of:

  • Four Weekly 60 minute online sessions by Zoom (the course will be live and recorded for playback at any time. Topics covered will include how to structure a bestselling book, finding your unique writing voice, selecting captivating content and more. 

  • Weekly homework assignments along with templates and tools to help you get laser focused on your book topic and its contents.

  • Facebook Accountability Group with other boot camp participants and will have assigned accountability partner.  

  • Bonus: FB Live video chat with published authors who share best practices for writing a book. 

Course Outline - Training Sessions

Week 1

  • What it Really Takes (and what it doesn't) to Write and Publish Your Book This Year

  • How to Eliminate Doubts & Cultivate an Unbreakable Commitment


Week 2

  • Clarity: Getting Crystal Clear on What You're Writing and to Who


Week 3 

  • Consistency - Part I: How to Find and Protect the Time to Write 

  • Consistency - Part II: Steps to Maintain Motivation and Momentum


Week 4 

  • Content - Part I:  What to Include and Exclude

  • Content - Part II:  How to Organize Content into a Book Outline

  • Content - Part III: Writing Hacks to Quickly Develop Your Writing Skills



Been there, Done That: Guest authors share their best practices during a FB Live chat


Want In? Have Questions?

The Summer 2019 bootcamp is currently closed. Click here for to apply for Fall bootcamp once available. 


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