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Motivational Writing Music - Playlist Favs

I’m writing this post on a Monday morning. It’s one of those rough Monday’s where I didn’t sleep well and it took a lot to drag myself out of bed. I’m a half hour off of my writing schedule because I don’t feel like writing. But, I made a commitment to write even when I don’t feel like it.

Getting your book done is about writing even when you you don’t want to.

When I’m in this mood, I use music to get in the zone fast. Below are a few of my favorite songs that without fail remind me of my purpose and inspires me to get to writing. Hopefully, they'll do the same for you. Watch a few of the YouTube videos and then get to writing!

If you’re ready to get your book done but struggle with staying motivated to write, you can find more songs from my writing playlist along with other useful tools and templates in the Get Your Book Done in the DIY Fast Action Jump Starter Kit.

Enjoy and let me know your favorite song!

Alicia's "Writing Unblock" Favs (from my Spotify Playlist)

Alicia N. Ingram is a ghostwriter and book editor that helps aspiring authors start AND finish their books. She is also the author of "Finally Get Your Book Done: A 5-Step Guide for Finding the Time, Focus and Consistency" To request a free copy, go to

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