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Ghostwriting is a collaborative process that turns your rough ideas and notes into a manuscript. The process begins with in-person or telephone conversations where we discuss the book concept, the content outline and desired writing style. Chapter by chapter, I then write and organize your ideas into a book, soliciting for feedback from you and revising as needed. All information provided remains confidential and belongs to you, the Author. 

Book Editing

Editing involves evaluating and editing an existing manuscript to ensure your book has compelling content, a distinct voice and a solid structure that appeals to your audience. Book editing services can range from developmental editing, which focuses on content and flow, to line editing and proofreading, which focuses on grammatical accuracy and spelling.  


Customized consultation sessions help you get and stay on track with writing a book. These one- to two-hour sessions will help aspiring or seasoned authors with their book projects. Topics include but are not limited to the following:


Turning Your Idea into a Book

You’ve had this great book idea mulling around in your head for quite some time. You even jotted down a few notes before you shelved the project. Let’s take it off the shelf and outline a process, timeframe and approach that works best for you. We will discuss your ideas and create a solid outline so that you can begin writing your book with ease and clarity. 


Getting Unstuck and Back To Writing

You started writing and then stopped. Lately, you can’t seem to find the time to focus. Instead of writing, you’ve just started wondering if anyone will even want to read what you’ve written. These are all symptoms of writer’s block. As a longtime writer, I understand writing can be tough and support is sometimes needed to move forward. I can prescribe remedies based on your current situation to get you writing again and back on track with your book. 

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